Tone down terracotta roof tiles

Need help finding a contemporary colour scheme to match old school terracotta roof tiles?

You have options, says experienced colour consultant Lisa Harragon, of Colour Wheels.

“I just want to soften the salmon and orange tones of terracotta,” says Lisa.

“So I use warm, stony greys, such as Pipe Clay and Rottness Island, which have a beigeness to them, warm greys with a greenish tone, and off-white ivory colours, like White Duck Half, which don’t have too much ochre.”

“I avoid yellows and creams which will exacerbate the old heritage look, so I avoid colours like Chalk USA and Shell White.”

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Here are colour scheme ideas:

Building with Taubmans colours Abstract, Chalkstone Half and Colorbond Monument
Taubmans colours Abstract, Chalkstone Half pair well with terracotta due to their subtle green undertones. Colorbond Monument is a strong clean accent colour.

House in Dulux colours Putty, Rogue and Metalise
The warm greys Putty and Rogue by Dulux, along with sharp accent colour Metalise, get this building away from the salmon colour schemes.

Brick house with timber features painted in Malay Grey, Shale Grey, Casper White and Monument.
The Dulux colours Malay Grey (with brown undertones), the clean Shale Grey, Casper White and Colorbond Monument, give a sharp contrast to the dark red terracotta roof tiles.

Do you need help visualising new colour schemes to go with your terracotta roof tiles?

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