Adding decorative features to home

Decorative design ideas featured on home

Colour consultant Bernadette Smith’s client wished to visualise not only new colour schemes – they also wanted to see want a new decorative feature in their pool area, new front fence and gate would look like, before they went ahead and committed to these features.

Using computer design software, we added horizontal slats between the block walls of fence for the front, and for the pool area, we digitally installed decorative panels to walls.

Needing just the source images for the decorative features they wanted to visualise, we are able to provide digital overlays with the additional rendering to help them see the visual representation of their ideas.

Photo1 existing
Photo2 existing
Source imagery for the look the homeowner wanted to visualise on their front fence.
Source imagery for the design feature the homeowner wanted to see in the pool area..
Colour Scheme 1 in Silkwort walls
Colour Scheme 2 in Rottnest Island walls
Colour Scheme 3 in Tristan walls
Pool fence photo with newly installed panels