Job won, stellar job done

When David Skinner of Paint Corp organised digital overlays for a hotel project he had quoted, little did he know it was about to win him the job.

And little did he or his client know just how much the painting and contemporary colour scheme would increase the value of the property by.

The hotel, Sunshine Tower Hotel in Cairns, was in dire need of TLC, and David’s clients were seeking a highly competent professional to undertake the work.

“I won the job because of digital overlays,” said David.

“They told me later that they were checking out how professional I was, and the digital overlays were what they decided I was professional on and helped me win the job.

“Previously, I was in the signage industry, so I knew if I went in there with photos made up it would get me the job.”

When Paint Corp began work, the building was in a terrible condition, with flaking paint and plants growing on the exterior.

“They had a valuation shortly before work began, and it was valued at $2.5 million,” said David.

“They had another valuation after the painting was completed and it came in at $11.6 million.

“The painting really changed that place – it’s one of the most dramatic changes I’ve seen.

“I would say at least 50% of the value increase was due to the colour change – it really modernised the building.

“And the digital overlay layouts were the crux of that.”

Paint Corp, who specialise in high end properties and working at heights, did a full exterior repaint, repaint of interior common areas, plus lots of added extras.

“I put in a super effort and they were really grateful,” said David.

“We did lots of extras, like the garden beds, two-packed the BBQ areas, and did the carpark with line-marking.

“We installed blue neon lights, signage and window screens.”

David removed a fern which was growing from the side of the building and mounted it on a plaque, which is now growing at the home of one of the clients!

Sunshine Tower Hotel was a huge success, for both painter and client, and shows what a powerful combination a painter’s expertise with value-packed service can be.