New colour scheme worth millions

Care to increase your property’s value by $9 million, with just a lick of paint?

That’s what happened to Sunshine Towers Hotel in Cairns, when it was painted recently by Paint Corp.

The building was in a terrible condition, with flaking paint and plants growing on the exterior, said Paint Corp’s David Skinner.

“They had a valuation shortly before work began, and it was valued at $2.5 million,” said David.

“They had another valuation after the painting was completed and it came in at $11.6 million.

“The painting really changed that place – it’s one of the most dramatic changes I’ve seen.”

David took the trouble to find a colour scheme the property owners were satisfied with, using digital overlays to enable them to visualise how the new colours would look – and give them confidence in the new scheme.

“I would say at least 50% of the value increase was due to the colour change – it really modernised the building,” said David.

“And the digital overlay layouts were the crux of that.”

Paint Corp, who specialise in high end properties and working at heights, did a full exterior repaint, repaint of interior common areas, plus lots of added extras.

“I put in a super effort and they were really grateful,” said David.

“We did lots of extras, like the garden beds, two-packed the BBQ areas, and did the carpark with line-marking.

“We installed blue neon lights, signage and window screens.”

Sunshine Tower Hotel was a huge success, for both painter and client, and this project shows the benefit of taking a little extra effort to select a new colour scheme to modernise a building.

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