Colours that match terracotta and cream

Searching for colours to match terracotta roof tiles and Colorbond Classic Cream window frames?

The dominant colour trend for grey houses often leaves owners of terracotta-roofed homes in a twist – but it is easy to get contemporary colour schemes right for this common colour problem.

But help is here: Colour consultant Jan Searle, who works out of the Porter’s Paints New Farm store in Brisbane, Queensland,and runs her colour consultancy Urban Colour, has come to the rescue with two beautiful colour schemes to match this tricky combination.

Her two colour selections feature both a warm scheme and cool scheme, both in contemporary greys and naturals, tipping her hat to the dominant colour trends, while complementing the hues of terracotta and cream.

These beautiful colours give a handy guide to follow when choosing colours for your project. Need help visualising how it could look? Click here to find out more about ordering digital overlays.

Colour Scheme 1


The first scheme selected by Jan features a green-based grey, which helps tone down the red of the terracotta tiles. This is paired with a lovely light grey-white with earthy undertones. Coconut Milk is a lovely clean creamy white for trims or soffits.

Colour Scheme 1: Porter’s Paints colours Long Island Grey, Volcanic Ash and Coconut Milk will help tone down the red in terracotta tiles and blend perfectly with cream frames.
A colour overlay showing how the scheme could look in situ.

This scheme is perfect if you are searching for a mid-dark grey to suit terracotta and cream. On the other hand, if you want to embrace earthy tones, Colour Scheme 2 is for you.

Colour Scheme 2


Grey doesn’t do it for you? Earthy tones abound in this warm colour scheme to match your terracotta tiles and cream frames. Again, the undertones will help tone down the orange of terracotta, while remaining warm enough to match cream.

Colour Scheme 2: Porter’s Paints colours Old Stone Wall, Wet Cement and Coconut Milk will also tone down the red in terracotta tiles and blend with cream frames, while taking you away from grey.
Colour overlay of showing how this colour scheme could look.

Want to try out new colour schemes on your property?

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