Colour Clarity with Digital Overlays

The how, why and who of visualising new paint colours.

See new colour schemes on a picture of your place

Painting a property is an investment of time, effort and money – and depending on the size and substrate of your place, the investment may be a large one.

Property owners who come to us want to find a colour scheme that will look great for as long as the paintwork is expected to last.

Imagine arriving home to a place you love to be, pulling into the driveway, and seeing your house look magnificent, in a well-suited colour scheme.

Here’s why people choose Digital Overlays:

  • We love to help! We are driven to provide excellent customer service and top communication.
  • Our service is super quick.
  • We understand how to maximise colour accuracy in a range of different lighting situations.
  • Our overlay artists are experts in our field – we tidy up imperfections like flaking paint, so your place will look like it’s received a fresh coat of paint.
  • We are experts in adding architectural features and 3D rendering, so we can digitally change your building and landscaping.
  • We’re friendly and are here to support you in your colour decision.

Visualise with colour renderings

Colour mock-ups, renders and layovers all mean the same thing: images to help us see new colours on a building.

We create digital overlays based on photos and architect drawings, using colours specified by property owners, colour consultants, painters, and our own Colour Cru colour consultation service in Brisbane.

The digital overlays on this beautiful house helped the owner choose which colours to paint her home.

“Digital Overlay Australia stopped me making a HUGE mistake and painting my house colours that weren’t ‘Me’. The colourist’s three suggested colour palettes all appealed – how to decide? By seeing images of my ‘newly painted house’ Digital Overlay Australia removed the guesswork and I made an informed decision on the best colour for my home. Great communicators and speedy too.”

– Anastasia Blake, Brisbane digital overlay client

Choose the right colour scheme

Making mistakes with colour can be expensive – getting colours and colour placement wrong can stop workflow and create expense when repainting is required.

You may know which colours you like, but aren’t sure where to use them; maybe you are trying to decide between different schemes; or perhaps you are seeking visual confirmation you are making the right choice – these are all situations in which we have helped people solve their problems.

Overlays will show you what you are wondering about and can help answer many questions very quickly.

Body Corporate and Strata Property Paint Colours

Overlays are perfect for when several people and different parties must work together to decide on a colour scheme.

Our images are frequently used to help body corporates make an informed decision – by showing owners or committee members what the colour scheme options are expected to look like.

We help body corporate members get on the same page about colour and make an educated decision.

Imagine new colour schemes

Many people are visual – they need to see something to understand it, yet it is difficult to visualise new colour schemes when this is not something you are accustomed to doing.

We love helping people see how their place could look – and we would love to help you too.