Suspect colour scheme

I giggled when I heard someone was offended by a painter describing the colour of her property as ‘baby-poo brown’!

Because those were the exact words I heard used by a chairwoman to describe one of the colours on her property at Scarborough Quays (below, existing colour scheme at left, overlays middle and right).

The suspect colour scheme, on left, and overlay, options middle and right.
The middle scheme won the committee vote.

Helen knew which colours she and her fellow committee members were interested in, but needed help to communicate their ideas visually to the body corporate so they could decide to update their colour scheme.

That’s when she was referred to me by Leisuretex, who would go on to win the repaint contract.

The risk was real: if new colours were too difficult to decide on, the winning vote would have been the existing baby-poo brown.

And no one, almost, wants that.

By showing new colours on a photo, the overlays gave the body corporate the confidence to change.

Here’s what Helen said:
“Once the owners saw the overlays, there was no problem getting the colours through.
“If they didn’t have a visual, the majority wouldn’t have been able to picture it.
“Everyone loves it.
“The buildings are 16-years-old, but now they look new.
“I’m really glad we did that.”

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