Paint colour trends got you confused?

A question I’m asked frequently is what’s the next paint colour trend to follow grey?

I’m hearing people are say they’re getting tired of the grey trend and want to see a little more… wait for it… colour on their homes!

They’re also afraid of choosing a colour scheme that will look dated in years to come, like the way fake terracotta tiles and purple suede wall paint look to us now. (Sigh, did you love the 90s too?!)

It’s not a trend specifically, but a noticable number of people over the past several months have been asking for green-based colour schemes for their properties.

A whole range of muted green colours: beiges with khaki undertones, muted greens and green-blues, and greys with hints of sea-green.

Wondered I, is it due to environmental factors, like longing for greener days during a drought or being inspired by the bright new grass growing around the fire-blackened tree stumps of bushfire devastated forestry?

Probably not… but what I suspect is that property owners are branching out, looking beyond grey, but not too far beyond grey.

Which brings us to my crystal ball paint colour prediction, which is what I tell people when they ask me how long until grey’s over:

Trends in paint colours move sloooowly. That’s because it’s a long time between repaints of a building.

“Yes, and that’s why we don’t want to choose a bad colour scheme,” they say. And I agree.

No-one knows what the future holds. But we can make predictions based on the trajectory of what we’ve seen already, combined with general assumptions on human psychology and guesses about future technology.

And now, for my own humble predictions:

Greys, grey-beiges, and high-contrast black and white, will continue for some time into the future.

Black and white is gaining in popularity, and may well overtake grey as a dominating trend.

But property owners who are getting bored with these neutrals are looking for a scheme that will look different from (but not ghastly next to) the neighbours, are beginning to play with undertones, as in “a-neutral-with-an-undertone-of-my-favourite-colour-please”. 

I’m predicting we’ll see people getting slightly more adventurous with their colours, maybe even branching out into a full spectrum of muted hues, including barely-there greens and blues, along with dusty pinks and bright mustards.

We’ll see these as a colour pop against black and white, like a lapel pin on the tuxedo suit of colour schemes.

And I’d love to see these hues play a starring role as the key colour of a property.

We’ve already been seeing red, yellow and teal in statement front doors and feature walls for a while now, and I’ve been receiving requests for muted greens and green-blues in feature walls over the past 12 months.

I’ve been offering pinks and mustards occasionally, which have received varying levels of enthusiasm!

I think we’ll see colour creeping in around the edges of black and white, as we ease away from the grey trend.

Ultimately, when it comes to trends and choosing colours for your property, we need to hone in on what we know right now: the constraints of the property and which colour schemes you like.

With this information, an experienced colour consultant can help you choose a beautiful colour scheme for your home or property.

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