Reduce the strata property colour-change headache

Why is changing the colour of strata property a big deal?

The reason comes down to a small but significant distinction between property maintenance and improvement:

If a property is being repainted in the existing colour scheme, that’s considered maintenance.

But if a strata property is being painted in new colours, that’s considered an improvement.

That’s because the purpose of the change is not just to make repairs. It’s also, ideally, to increase the value of the property by using more contemporary colours.

Property improvements require a special resolution and must be voted on by the community of owners.

While rules vary slightly from state to state, general rule-of thumb is at least 75% of votes must be for the new colour scheme, or at least no more than 25% against it.

This process takes time, and sometimes no small amount of heartache depending on the rapport within the voting community.

How to make colour change easier

  • Begin considering a colour change at the same time as deciding to repaint This saves a huge amount of time. Leaving it to the last minute creates an enormous headache for everyone involved, possible additional EGMs, and the stress of trying to get everything decided on in time for the painting start date.
  • Work with a colour consultant at the same time as obtaining quotes from painters This allows multiple decisions to be made at each meeting, rather than having to call extra meetings to vote on colour.
  • Committees often like to see a few options New colour schemes visualised via digital colour overlays allow committees to choose their preferred one or two options to take to the owners to vote on.
  • Colour overlays assist owners to visualise new colours, and can be emailed or mailed to interstate owners, and help them see the value in selecting a contemporary, suitable colour scheme.
  • Having actual paint colour samples available to view on the property helps owners understand how the colours appear on their property at different times of day.

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Strata Property in original colour scheme and digital overlays of new colour schemes
The owners of this strata property didn’t want to repaint in the original colour scheme, left, so we created digital overlays to show three new colour schemes for the owners to decide on by vote.

For more details, read Hynes Legal article: A fresh coat of paint: Maintenance or improvement?

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