New Builds and Renovations

When clients don’t love the colour options that come with their new build or renovation designs, we’re here to help.

We create overlays and detailed renders on architect plans to help owners visualise new colours – and choose colours they love.

It’s simple to get started, all we need is:

  • Architects drawing or plans
  • Colours and materials

There are three levels of detail: basic, detailed and hyper realistic, depending on what the client needs to help them visualise new colours.

Detailed render, above, to show the owners of this renovation how their place could look.

There are several reasons why clients might need visualisations of their new build or renovation, including:

  • They need to submit their plans for DA approval
  • Their build has been a long time in the planning and they need the visualisation to help stay inspired or reignite excitement
  • They are having trouble imagining colours, but are visual people and need to ‘see’ it
  • Perhaps there are several parties involved and they all need to get on the same wavelength

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