Andrew Woollard, homeowner
“I was referred to Digital Overlay Australia by a colour consultant at Dulux for digital overlays on my new build project. I really liked how straight forward and easy the process was and found it to be incredibly useful, stress and complication free. I woud definitely reccomend Digital Overlay Australia to anyone designing or renovating a home, builders, friends, family – anyone.”

Stacey Straatsma, JMD Design
“After previously being made aware of the services offered by Digital Overlay Australia, we decided to utilise their services for a client’s painting project for an apartment complex. We liked how the Digital Overlay Australia team were very easy going and willing to go over and beyond for a great result. I would summarise my experience as 5 star and would 100% recommend the service to our clients in the future.”

Bob Popich, Painter
“After hearing about Digital Overlay Australia on Facebook I decided to utilise service for a client project. I liked the speed of processing and communication and the final product was very professional and helped with my client’s decision making process as they were not sure on colour at the time. It was a really good experience and I will definitely recommend and use the service again.”

Simone Gilles, Dulux
“Very quick and Professional timing in both their approach and delivery. My whole experience has been very lovely, professional and all work was done in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend Digital Overlay Australia to Painters, Builders, Body Corps etc.”

Bernadette Smith, Colour Consultant
“I particularly liked their fast prompt & friendly service. I would summarise my experience as a great efficient service. I would definitley recommend Digital Overlay Australia to others.”

Russell Bock, Homeowner
“Thank you for the overlay. It is very reassuring to see it set up like that as it is hard to visualise on from the colour charts. We like it very much.”