indoor sports centre colours 1

Which colours for public property?

Digital overlays help all sorts of people and organisations visualise new colour schemes, for example, this indoor sports centre. The overlays helped to work out whether to go with light …

The kitchen with overlay of granite benchtop, new splashback and painted cupboards

Visualise a new bench top

The owners of this kitchen counter wanted to upgrade to stone… but what would it look like? Our visualisation overlay images helped the owners to imagine the difference it would …

Visualisation of townhouse colour scheme 3

Get a little crazy with colour

Want to try something a bit different? Digital overlays are the perfect tool for seeing if you crazy ideas might just work. Take this townhouse complex, for example, which isn’t …

Colour scheme 4

50s beach shack colour update

This vintage beach shack needed new paint and the owner wanted to find a contemporary scheme that kept blue in the mix and honoured the beach vibe. Which colour scheme …

Mixing it up

Even wanted to see what your property would look like with the colours switched around? Before painting, this coastal apartment complex owners wanted to see which combination of Surfmist and …

This second colour scheme introduces mocha colours to match Deep Ocean

Colours to match Deep Ocean blue

The body corporate of this property needed to paint, and even had the option to change the colour of their roof. The catch? The gutters had to be Deep Ocean. …

Visualisation of new colour scheme

Colonial colour scheme updated

This grand residence was updating its colour scheme, and our overlay helped the owner and painter ensure they were on the same page with their colour ideas.

Overlay showing Colour Option 2

Contemporary Heritage Colours

Looking for a heritage colour scheme that doesn’t look dated? Here are some great options created for a beautiful Queenslander in desperate need of a repaint: