Paint colour trends for houses, strata and commercial property change gradually over time – but change they do.

Given that properly applied paint should last at least one decade, it’s no surprise that trends in paint colours change slowly – for example, Heritage colour schemes are infrequently painted nowadays, but it is still easy to see many examples of buildings in these colours.

Observing the trajectory of paint colour trends in recent years, we have gathered a collection of emerging and enduring colour schemes – an essential guide for anyone seeking fresh, contemporary colours to paint a property.

Colour Trend #1 Black & White

High contrast, black and white colour schemes is one of the emerging colour trends for both house and commercial painting.

Adorning recent cutting-edge and award-winning architecture, high contrast colour schemes are dynamic.

Alongside black or white, high contrast schemes also flirt with the dark grey and near-white ends of the tonal scale, and may corporate subtle undertones of colour.

High contrast and black and white schemes are an excellent accompaniment for natural materials, like timber, stone and greenery.

black and white, and high contrast colour schemes on buildings
High contrast and black & white colour schemes are one of the dominant colour trends we are witnessing in new architecture, renovations and interior design.

Colour Trend #2 Classic Grey

Grey colour schemes are a long-lasting trend.

While grey schemes have been around long enough that properties early to grey are ready for repainting, this popular trend is showing no signs of losing popularity…and for good reason.

There are a myriad of greys available to suit a wide variety of properties and tastes, and the real estate street appeal of grey among buyers is undeniable.

Grey colour schemes on house interiors and exterios
Grey is an enduring colour scheme trend, which shows no signs of slowing down.

Colour Trend #3 Naturals and Neutrals

Versatile natural and neutral colour schemes can be tailored to a variety of colour situations.

These colours often provide a solution for colour challenges, where other colour schemes do not provide an answer.

Look to naturals and neutrals when searching for fresh, contemporary colour schemes to paint on properties with terracotta tiles, brick, or existing fixtures in heritage colours which cannot be changed.

Natural and neutral colour schemes in interior design and building exteriors
Natural and neutral colour schemes are a popular choice for colours to match natural materials, including timber, terracotta, stone and brick.

Colour Trend #4 Colour Splash

A safe way to introduce bold colour, colour splashes tend to be incorporated into neutral, grey and high contrast colour schemes.

These pops of colour are often added through furnishings and painted features.

Greens and blues are some of the leading colour choices for a splash of colour, which reference nature and offer cool, relaxing hues.

Interior and exterior property colour schemes featuring splashes of blues and greens
Like a splash from a wave in an azure ocean, blues and greens are a refreshing pop of colour.

Visualise new colour schemes

Increasingly, property owners are seeking clarity on their colour schemes.

Perfect for colour clarity and helping loved ones and committee members visualise the difference – digital overlays are helping people to work together to make a decision on colour.