How does it work?

1. Email a photo of the property and up to three colour schemes, to:
2. Our artist creates up to 3 overlays and emails to you within 3 business days.

Can digital overlay visualisations be printed?

Yes they can! The images will be large enough for printing at about A3 size, provided the supplied photos are 2000 pixels wide. Not sure? Let’s chat. Ask your printer to do a test print to check whether the images need to be lightened a little. Different printers may print colours differently.

How to get the best overlay experience:

The following Photo Guidelines and Colour Specs outline will help to ensure overlays are the best they can possibly be.

Photo Guidelines
Emailing photos: When emailing images from a smart phone, please ensure the email app does not shrink the size of the file. It is best not to send images via text message, because this reduces image size and quality.
Image size: If you are unsure about file size, check the settings of the camera app: File size should be at least 1M, and preferably 2.4M.
Colouring: Aim for accurate colour representation, by photographing the property between 10am-2pm, if possible.

Focus: Try to ensure the image is clear and in focus.

Angle: Images with fewer obstacles, such as trees, give a better outcome. Try to take a ‘hero shot’! A photo that shows your building at its best.

Colour Specs outline
Brand name and paint colour name are required for up to 3 colour schemes.
Please specify which colour each area of your building requires, such as: walls, gutters, fascia, soffit/eaves, fence, posts, handrails, balustrade, battens, roof, frames, doors, other
For example:
Option 1 Option 2
Roof, facia and gutters – Dulux Lyttleton Roof, facia and gutters – Colorbond Monument
Walls – Dulux Goanna Grey Walls – Colorbond Dune
Ceilings of balconies – Dulux Haast Ceilings of balconies – Dulux Haast
Balustrades – Dulux Namadji Balustrades – Dulux Black

What if the overlay is not as expected?

Unexpected results can arise due to these reasons:
1) The computer screen makes colour look different.
2) The original image had incorrect colouring
3) Colour can trick the eye!

What if Digital Overlay Australia has made a mistake?
We gladly fix it as quickly as possible.

What if I change my mind or would like to see new colour schemes? A small fee of $75 applies to every additional set of overlays (up to 3 overlays in a set).

How long are images and files kept?

Digital Overlay keeps the overlays in cloud storage for 12 months. Please ensure images are download and saved as soon as possible.


Screens and printed images can alter colours. For true and accurate representation of paint colours, please ensure paint samples are applied to the property.
Different light and shade, as well as adjacent colours, can all alter the apparent appearance of a hue – it is all part of the beauty of colour!

Any images and overlays may be used by Digital Overlay Australia for marketing purposes, including on social media and this website – please let us know if you don’t want to be included in this.