While we take every care to make colours as accurate as possible, many factors outside our control may affect colour, such as lighting and colour distortion created by camera, screen or printer.

Overlays are a representation of the colours, and may not always be accurate.

For true and accurate representation of paint colours, please ensure paint samples are applied to the property

Different light and shade, as well as adjacent colours, can all alter the apparent appearance of a hue – it is all part of the beauty of colour

Confidentiality & Marketing

If competing parties order services for the same job, I will accept overlay and colour consultation orders as if I had never seen the job before. I won’t discuss anything a competitor has told me about the job.

If a related party (like the property owner or a colour consultant) contacts me about a job which my client has already ordered overlays for and asks me to make changes to those existing overlays, I will let them know I must check with my client first, otherwise they are free to order their own fresh set of overlays with their own photo.

I am proud of my work and want to use it in my marketing, which is mostly online, including social media, email, newsletters and websites, and may include some printed materials. Please let me know if any projects shouldn’t be used for marketing purposes.

Plans & Subscriptions

The prices apply to exteriors. For interior jobs, refer to price of Single dwelling/office.

Overlays can be used within the 28-31 day month period billed.

Minimum term
Minimum subscription term: 12 months.

When there’s more than three colour overlays per photo
Overlays include up to three colour schemes/photo. Overlays above the specified number will only be charged at the subscription price/overlay (not at the higher trade price).

When order is for a larger size than subscribed
If your order is for a building of a larger size category, you have the option of being billed separately for that from within your subscription category (thus receiving an extra set of overlays that month), or include it as one of your included overlays.

Additional set of overlays
Additional sets of overlays on an existing project can either be billed at an additional $75 inc GST for 1-3 extra overlays on existing jobs, or can be counted as one of your included overlay jobs in the current month. Fixing any mistakes are not considered additional overlays.

Additional rendering work
For example, adding or removing architecture, trees or other features, is charged additionally per job required.

Detailed images
Images that involved detailed work, for example, extensive balustrades, may need to be charged for additional work – charges will be discussed before work commences.

We will monitor your usage, and will send you a mid-month usage report.

If you are consistently ordering a size that’s different to the one you are subscribed, either higher or lower, we will let you know and you may choose to increase or decrease your subscription.

Your project images may be used in our marketing – please let us know if you don’t want this to happen.

Price changes
We may rarely change our prices, but will communicate any changes with you.

Colour accuracy
We take every care to ensure colour accuracy, but different screens, cameras, lighting situations and contexts alter colour. We recommend using sample paints to ensure colour accuracy.

Digital Overlay Australia respectfully gives all responsibility for colours chosen to the client.